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Augustus Vanderford (3048)

Father: Richard Vanderford (2005)
Mother: Nancy Bonner

b. 1814 in Clarke County, Georgia [NA - PenApp#1597]

d. 1893-1896 [NA - PenApp#1597]

m. Dec. 11, 1838 in Clarke County, Georgia, Lavinda Head, b. 1822, d. before 1850 [AA & NA - PenApp#1597]

Issue: [census-Ga]

Richard Augustus (4090), b. 1839

John (4079), b. 1843

Mary, b. 1840-44

Lawrence Thomas (4076), b. March 1843, d. 1918

Pittsfield, b. 1844, d. before 1860?

James F. (4080), b. 1845

m2. Sarah House, b. 1812 in Georgia, d.before 1892 [NA - PenApp#1597]

William, b. 1850, d. before 1860?

Martha, b. 1848-51

m2. Sarah House, b. 1812 in Georgia, d.before 1892 [NA - PenApp#1597]


May 1, 1838:
Augustus had black hair, black eyes and a fair complexion. [NA - PenApp#1597]


May 1, 1838:
Augustus enlisted at Danielsville, Georgia in Captain James Daniel's Company in Col. Stoke's Regiment of Georgia Volunteers during the Cherokee Indian War. [NA - PenApp#1597]

June 30, 1838:
Augustus was discharged from the military at Newtown, Georgia. [NA - PenApp#1597]

Augustus was living on his father's 140 acres along the Appalachee River in Clarke County, Georgia. [ClC deed R:370]

Augustus was farming in Gwinnet County, Georgia. [census-Ga]

February 7, 1851:
Augustus applied for a Bounty Land Grant for his service during the Cherokee War. [NA - BLCan#657]

October 1855:
Augustus received Bounty Land Warrant No. 57, 719 for 120 acres. [NA - PenApp#1597]

Augustus was farming in Jackson County, Georgia. [census-Ga]

Augustus was farming in Auburn, Gwinnett County, Georgia. [census-Ga]

August 5, 1873:
Augustus applied for an additional Bounty Land Grant for his service in the Cherokee War. [NA - BLCan#657]

Augustus was working on David and Nancy Carter's farm in Ben Smith's District in Gwinnett County, Georgia. [census-Ga]

September 6, 1892:
Augustus filed for a survivors pension for his service in the Cherokee War. His post office address was Bethlehem, Walton County, Georgia. [NA - PenApp#1597]

January 18, 1893:
Augustus was awarded a pension of $8.00 per month retroactive to July 27, 1892. [NA - PenApp#1597]

June 4, 1896:
Augustus was dropped from the pension rolls because he had not claimed his pension since February 4, 1893. [NA - PenApp#1597]

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