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Charles Frederick Vanderford (3047)

Father: Charles Frederick Vanderford (2015)
Mother: Eliza Duett

b. 1833 in Chesterfield County, South Carolina [C.Vet]

d. January 3, 1899 in Knoxville, Tennessee [C.Vet]

m. Dec. 16, 1858 in St. Louis, MO, Florence Anderson of Nashville, Tennessee, daughter of Harry Innis Anderson [Stanley,1984]
b. Aug. 1838 in Tennessee, d. 1906 in Rutherford County, TN [RC will 2:88-90]

Issue: [RC will 2:88-90]

Eugene Spencer (4102), b. May 4, 1860, d. 1940

Charles Rutledge (4103), b. Dec. 12, 1861, d. July 8, 1951

Henry Anderson "Harry" (4104), b. 1866

Mary Florence (4105), b. 1868

Silas Massey (4106), b. Sep. 1869, d. 1964

Bertha Eliza, b. Mar. 1871 in Tennessee

1907: Bertha was living in Genesee County, New York [RC deed 47:477-83]
1909: Bertha was living in Monroe County, New York [RC deed 50:578-81]
Jan. 25, 1910: Bertha sold her 40 acre share (Lot 4 or the Home-Place) of her mother's estate for $400 [RC deed 51:292-3]
1913-24: Bertha was an assistant librarian at the Carnegie Library in Nashville. [Nashville Dir]
1937-42: Bertha was a department head at the Nashville Public Library. [Nashville Dir]


In 1865 Charles was 5' 6", had a fair complexion, dark hair and hazel eyes. [NA - Mil Rec]


Charles was a student in Robeston County, North Carolina. He was living with four other students at Margaret Smith's. [census-NC]

When Charles married he was residing in St. Louis, Missouri. [Stanley,1984]

Charles was an agent for Hillman Brothers and lived at 325 Chestnut in St. Louis, Missouri. [St.Louis Dir]

Charles served in the 45th Tennessee Infantry, was severely wounded and discharged. Charles then commanded a battery of artillery and was again wounded. He then transferred to the ordinance department under General J. E. Johnston. [C.Vet]

November 2, 1862:
Charles was serving as Captain and Ordnance Officer to Col. J. B. Palmer, Commander, 2nd Brigade Breckenridge's Division, Army of Tennessee. [NA - Mil Rec]

February 26, 1863:
Charles was assigned as Captain and Chief Ordnance Officer to General Cleburne's Division, Army of Tennessee by command of General Bragg. [NA - SO 51/III]

July 17, 1863:
"Capt. Vanderford, Chief of Ordnance Cleburne's Division is hereby temporarily assigned to duty as Chief of Ordnance of Hardee's Corps. By command of General Bragg." [NA - Mil Rec]

September 11, 1863:
Charles of Missouri was recommended by the Board of Examiners for appointments of Artillery Officers for Ordnance Duty. His appointment to Captain was approved by Jefferson Davis on October 5, 1863. (His rank was made retroactive to May 2, 1863. He had unofficially been appointed to Provisional Army Captain on October 12, 1862 by General Forest.) [NA - Mil Rec]

October 10, 1863:
"Captain Charles F. Vanderford Artillery PACS will incur without delay to Meridian, Mississippi and report to Joseph J. Johnston Commdg for assignment to Ordnance Duty." [NA - Mil Rec]

January 28, 1864:
Charles was assistant to the Chief of Ordnance of Hardee's Corps, Army of Tennessee. [NA - Mil Rec]

March 4 to June 27, 1864:
Captain Charles was listed as Chief of Ordinance for Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk, Army of Mississippi. [NA - Mil Rec]

August 8, 1864 to February 2, 1865:
Captain Charles was listed as Chief of Ordinance for Alexander P. Stewart, Lieutenant General, Army of Tennessee. [NA - Mil Rec]

January 27, 1865:
"I have the honor to request that Capt. C. F. Vanderford PACS Arty for Ornance duty now Chief Ordnance Officer Stewarts Corps Army of Tenn be relieved from that duty and assigned to duty as assistant to Lt Col J M Kennard Chief Ordnance Officer Army of Tenn. This application is made at the request of Lt Col Kennard and with the consent of Gen. Hood. Very respectfully, G. Gorgas" [NA - Mil Rec]

Richmond, March 17, 1865:
"I have the honor to recommend that Captain C. F. Vanderford be promoted to the rank of major in the Artillery Corps for Ordnance duty. Captain Vanderford has rendered long and faithful service in this corps and in every position has evinced conspicuous energy and capacity - for some time past he has been assistant to the Chief of Ordnance of the Army of Tennessee. As a reward for past services, and to provide him with rank in some degree commensurate with the duties in which it is devised to employ him hereafter. Respectfully recommend his promotion to date from the 4th March the date of the vacancy. I am general, very respectfully, your obdt servant, Gorgas, Brig. Gen., Chief of Ord. [NA - Mil Rec]

April 26, 1865:
Captain Charles was listed as Assistant to Chief of Ordnance Officer, Army of Tennessee, for Joseph E. Johnston, General, C.S.A. [NA - Mil Rec]

Charles was farming his father-in-law's farm in Rutherford County, Tenenssee. The assessed value of the farm property was $25,000. [census-Tenn]

September 9, 1871 (recorded September 26, 1871):
Charles loaned Andrew S. Ferrell $200 on his cotton crop. The loan was due December 1, 1871. [RC Tdeed A:623-3]

August 27, 1872 - September 4, 1891:
Charles was the postmaster at Florence Station, Tennessee. [Frazier]

December 29, 1873:
Charles had a merchant bond of $119.47 for the year 1872 and of $647.27 for the year 1873. [RC Merch Bond]

June 17, 1874 - August 1, 1874:
Charles loaned $1,025 to 5 different people on their cotton and corn crops. All the loans were due December 1, 1874. [RC Tdeeds C:154-4,157,159-60,164-5&250-1]

March 22, 1875:
Charles had a merchant bond of $500 for the year 1874 and of $100 for the year 1875. [RC Merch Bond]

January 18, 1878:
Charles quit his merchant business. [RC Merch Bond]

Charles was farming with his family in Rutherford County, Tennessee. His father in law Harry Anderson was living with them. [census-Tenn]

Charles became a voluntary meteorological observer at Florence Station, Rutherford County for the Tennessee State Board of Health. He also gave reports on the prevalence of diseases in the locality. [Sims]

Charles' property was valued at $7,610 and he paid state, county, school, road and jail taxes amounting to $82.18. [RC Tax Book]

Professor Vanderford in a soil pit collecting a profile.1889:
Charles accepted the Chair of Professor of Agriculture at the University of Tennessee. [Monograph]

Charles was Secretary of the University of Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station and wrote a paper titled "The Soils of Tennessee" for the Bulletin. [Soils]

Charles' property was valued at $9,500 and he paid state, county, school, and road taxes amounting to $74.10. [RC Tax Book]

Florence, Charles' widow, was living on the family farm in Rutherford County, Tennessee. Her son Eugene (a widower) was doing the farming and her daughter Bertha was living with them. [census-Tenn]

Charles was awarded, posthumously, a gold medal for his soils exhibit at the Universal Exposition (World Fair) in Paris, France, 1900. [Monograph]

Florence's property was valued at $9,500 and she paid state, county, school and road taxes amouting to $97.85. [RC Tax Book]

June 3, 1902 (probated October 29, 1906):
Florence stated in her will that "Cliff Springs" be sold within a year of her death and the proceeds split equally among her children. The children petitioned the court to allow them to split the land amongst themselves rather than selling it. [RC will 2:88-90]

Florence's property was valued at $10,900 and she paid state, county, school, road and bridge taxes amounting to $95.00. [RC Tax Book]

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