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James S. Vanderford (3045)

Father: Samuel G. Vanderford (2029)
Mother: Mary (Polly) Carter

b. April 7, 1820 in Ceredin, Vermont [NEHGR-95]

d. Jan. 17, 1895 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts of Paralysis Erysipelas [PenApp#567976]

m. March 2, 1840 at Brattleborough, Vermont, Emily Elisa Pratt [PenApp#567976]

Issue: [PenApp#567976]

Francis Abbis (4059), b. Feb. 4, 1844 [Fitchburg VR]

m2. Melinda (Turbell) Sprague, a widow [PenApp#567976]
bc. 1821 in Vermont [census-Ma]
d. June 6, 1855 of consumption [PenApp#567976]


A. (daughter), b. 1852 in Mass. [census-Ma]

m3. January 29, 1856 at Fitchburg, Mass., Rachel T. Shorey
b. Jan. 1839 in Plymouth, Maine [PenApp#567976]
d. May 29, 1913 in Waltham, Mass. of heart trouble [PenApp#567976]

Issue: [census-Ma]

S. E. (daughter), b. 1858 in Mass.

Emma A., bc. 1862 [PenApp#567976]

m. - Hawley
On Oct. 13, 1913 she was living on Pleasant St., Greenville, Hillsborough County, N. H. [PenApp#567976]

George A., b. 1863 in Massachusetts


In January, 1863, James' Certificate of Disability for Discharge described him as 5 feet, 7/8 inches tall, with a light complecion, blue eyes and very grey hair. At the time of his enlistment he was a machinist. [NA:Mil Rec]


James was a machinist and lived in Lowell, Massachusetts. [PenApp#567976]

James served in the City Militia of Fitchburg. [Davis,1903]

March 1, 1844:
James' wife Emily "up and left." [PenApp#567976]

September 1849:
James filed for a divorce from Emily on the grounds of dissertion. [PenApp#567976]

James was a mechanic and was living in Middlesex County, Massachusetts with his wife and son. [census-Ma]

James was living and working at the Prescott Corp. in Lowell, Massachusetts. [Lowell Dir]

James was a blacksmith the the family was living in Firchburg, Mass. His mother-in-law was living with them. [census-Ma]

August 26, 1862:
James enlisted in the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry at Fitchburg, Massachusetts for a term of 9 months. [NA:Mil Rec]

October 18, 1862:
James mustered as a musician (acting drum major) in Company B - 53rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry at Camp Stevens, Massachusetts. [PenApp#567976]

November 29, 1862:
James left for New York with his regiment on the steamer Mississippi. They rendezvoused at Camp Banks, Long Island, where the expedition to Lousiana was being organized. [Mass Civil]

January 1, 1863:
James injured himself when marching off the barge in New York City when his company was being transfered to more comfortable quarters at Franklin Street Barracks. He "was ruptured then and there on the left side of his groin." It was nightime and the wharf was 18" below the barge. [PenApp#567976]

January 14, 1863:
James was discharged at Groton, Mass. [PenApp#567976]

July 7, 1863:
James received his Certificate of Disability for discharge. [PenApp#567976]

James was a machinist and living in Fitchburg, Worcester County, Massachusetts. His son Frank was also working as a machinst. His mother-in-law, Rachel Shorey, who was nurse, was living with them. census-Mass

March 27, 1886:
James was a machinist living at 116 Myrtle St., Fitchburg, Mass. [PenApp#567976]

James was a machinist in Fitchburg, Massachusetts and was living at 116 Myrtle in 1887-8 and at 132 Myrtle in 1889-90. [Fitchburg Dir]

January 17, 1895:
At the time of his death, James was 74 years, 9 months, and 10 days old and lived at 84 Pacific St., Fitchburg, Mass. [PenApp#567976]

Rachel, James' widow, was living at 73 Pacific St., Fitchburg, Mass. [PenApp#567976]

Rachel was living in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. [Fitchburg Dir & census-Mass]

May 29, 1913:
Rachel died in Waltham, Mass. and was buried in Fitchburg, Mass. Their daughter, Emma, applied to the Federal Government because Rachel had died without sufficient assets to pay the expenses of her last sickness and burial. [PenApp#567976]

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