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Thomas Vanderford (3036)

Father: Richard Vanderford (2005)
Mother: Nancy Bonner

b. 1798 [census-Ga]

m. May 28, 1818 in Morgan County, Georgia, Gracy Hall, [AA], b. 1797 in North Carolina [census-Ga]

Issue: [census-Ga]

girl, b. 1810-20

Thomas J., b. 1825-30

Permilia, b. 1827

James A., b. 1829

John A., b. 1830

Louisa M., b. 1837

Nancy, b. 1842

m. Dec. 23, 1861, James Crely [LDS]


Thomas paid a poll tax of 31 1/4 cents in Clarke County, Georgia. [ClC tax]

Thomas lived in Walton County, Georgia with his wife and daughter. He had one male slave aged between 16 and 26. [census-Ga]

March 24 and 25, 1823:
Thomas sold his land in Walton County, Georgia. [Darryl]

August 9, 1824:
Thomas bought Lot No. 181 in the Tenth District of Henry County (now Newton), Georgia. [Darryl]

September 3, 1825:
Thomas sold Lot No. 241 in the Eleventh District of Newton County, Georgia, containing 202 1/2 acres for $500. [Darryl]

April 21, 1826 - April 28, 1837:
Thomas received his commission as a Lieutenant in the Georgia Militia. [Darryl]

Thomas lived in Randolph County, Georgia with his wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters. He had no slaves. [census-Ga]

February 6, 1843:
Thomas bought Lot No. 98 in the Seventh District of Randolph County for $500. [Darryl]

Thomas lived in Randall County, Georgia, with his wife and children. [census-Ga]

Thomas was farming in Rankin County, Mississippi with his wife, youngest daughter and two year old I. G. Hutcher. [census-Miss]

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