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Benjamin F. Vanderford (3024)

Father: Benjamin Vanderford (2004)
Mother: Elizabeth Donaldson

b. June 1822 in Salem, Massachusetts [Glouchester VR]

d. Feb. 9, 1874 in an accident on the railroad in Salem. [PenApp#449046]
buried Feb. 12, 1874 in Harmony Grove Cemetery [Salem 15:1]

m. November 2, 1846 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, Camilla Phillips (m.r. Cornelia) [Salem 7:62]
bc. 1822, dau. of George & Ruth Phillips [Salem VR]
d. at Dorcester, Oct. 2, 1847 of typhus fever, buried in Burial Ground No.3. [Salem VR]

m2. March 27, 1849 in Salem, Essex County, Massacusetts, Susan M. Curtis, daughter of John and Susan Curtiss [Glouchester VR]
b. 1828 in Glouchester, Massachusets [census-Ma]


Benjamin F. Vanderford, Jr. (4068), bc. 1850

John Henry B. Vanderford (4067), b. Nov. 15, 1853 [Salem 8:57]

Sarah Elizabeth Vanderford (4075), b. Aug. 5, 1855 [Salem 8:84]

William C. Vanderford (4069), b. Oct. 20, 1857, d. Aug. 2, 1918 [Salem 8:105I]

Jane Vanderford, b. 1859

Susan A. (Addie) Vanderford, b. July 29, 1861 [Salem 8:138]

Anna Bersha Vanderford, b. May, 1870 [Salem 11:94]


In December of 1861 when Benjamin F. enlisted he was 37, a seaman by occupation, had blue eyes, brown hair, a light complexion and was 5 feet 6 inches tall. [NA-Mil Rec]


Jan. 30, 1838:
Benjamin F. at age 16 registered as a seaman in the District of Boston, Mass. He was described as 5'4½" with a light complexion. [NA:Reg of Seamen]

May 25, 1839:
Benjamin F. sailed as a seaman on the St. Paul. The St. Paul was out for 10 months and 10 days sailing from Salem to Anjier to Manila to Straits of Sunda to Cape of Good Hope to St. Helena and back to Salem. [Essex, Vol. 60]

Dec. 15, 1842:
Benjamin F. was a registered seaman, Certificate No. 2527. He was described as 20 years old, 5'6¼" with a light complexion and light hair. [NA:Reg of Seamen]

Benjamin F. was a mariner and lived at 75 Boston St., Salem. [Salem Dir]

Benjamin was a [railroad] fireman. [Glouchester VR]

Benjamin lived in Gloucester, Massachusetts with his wife and small son. He was an engineer on the Eastern Railroad. [census-Ma]

1853 to 1857:
Benjamin F. was an engineer and lived at 9 Winter St., Salem. [Salem Dir]

Benjamin F. had moved to 109 Boston St., Salem. [Salem Dir]

Benjamin was an engineer and the family lived in Salem, Mass. [census-Ma]

Benjamin F. had moved to 72 Mill St., Salem. [Salem Dir]

December 17, 1861:
Benjamin F. enlisted as a private in the 4th Battery Massachusetts Volunteer Light Artillery. He mustered on Dec. 23rd at Lowell, Massachusetts. [PenApp#449046]

April 15, 1862:
Benjamin F., with his unit, embarked on the transport North America, entered the Mississippi River, occupied Forts Jackson and St. Philip after their surrender, and arrived at New Orleans May 2nd. They proceeded on to Carrollton and landed at Camp Parapet on the 6th. [Mass Civil]

July 10, 1862:
Benjamin F., with his unit embarked for Baton Rouge. Here on August 5th they were heavily engaged in repelling the attack of General John C. Breckenridge. [Mass Civil]

August 21, 1862:
The unit left Baton Rouge for Carrollton and occupied Camp Williams. [Mass Civil]

November 21, 1862:
Benjamin F. was promoted to Corporal. [NA:Mil Rec]

March 13-20, 1863:
The unit took part in the demonstration against Port Hudson in cooperation with Farragut's Fleet. [Mass Civil]

May 21, 1863:
They proceeded to the fort of Port Hudson. [Mass Civil]

July 4, 1863:
Benjamin F., with the rest of the battery, re-enlisted as Veteran Volunteer at New Iberia, Louisiana and was re-mustered for 3 years. [Mass Civil]

July 10, 1863:
After the surrender of Port Hudson, they returned to their old camp at Baton Rouge.[Mass Civil]

October 3, 1863:
The battery had advanced to Fort Bisland, and proceeded on through Franklin, New Iberia, and Vermillionville to Opelousas, engaging in much skirmishing along the way. [Mass Civil]

February 11, 1864:
Benjamin F. with the other re-enlisted men, embarked on the steamer Karnack for home to enjoy their veteran furlough. [Mass Civil]

February 21 - March 25, 1864:
Benjamin F. was at home on furlough. [Mass Civil]

April 6, 1864:
Benjamin F. reached New Orleans and the battery was given quarters in the Tobacco Warehouse. [Mass Civil]

September 5, 1864:
They proceeded to Morganzia, La. making several expeditions over the next two months into the country north of Port Hudson. [Mass Civil]

November 28, 1864:
The battery arrived in Memphis, Tenn., where it remained until January 1, 1865. [Mass Civil]

February 9, 1865:
They embarked for Dauphin's Island, Ala. They became part of General Steele's expedition against Mobile, Ala. After a very trying march through woods and swamps and over bottomless roads, it reached the vicinity of Mobile and participated in the siege of Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely. Spanish Fort surrendered April 8, and Fort Blakely fell after an assault on April 9. [Mass Civil]

April 15, 1865:
The battery arrived in Mobile, Ala. and remained in that city until June 30, 1865. [Mass Civil]

June 2, 1865:
Benjamin F. was promoted to sergeant. [NA:Mil Rec]

July 5, 1865:
They arrived in Galveston, Texas and were sent to Houston in the interior of the state. They remained there until October 1st when the returned to Galveston and embarked for New Orleans. [Mass Civil]

October 14, 1865:
The battery, in company with the members of the 7th Battery, took passage on the steamer Guiding Star for New York. The early part of the voyage was very tempestuous, and the ship was forced to stop at Port Royal, S.C. for coal. New York was reached November 2, and on the following day the men arrived at Galloup's Island, Boston Harbor. [Mass Civil]

November 10, 1865:
Benjamin F. was discharged as a seargent of the 4th Battery Massachsetts Volunteer Light Artillery at Galloupe's Island after over 4 years of service. He received the remaining $190 of the $400 bounty he was due for his re-enlistment. [PenApp#449046]

1864 to 1866:
Benjamin F. lived at 19 Creek St., Salem. [Salem Dir]

Benjamin F. was an engineer and lived at 15 Pond, Salem. [Salem Dir]

Benjamin F. had moved to 32 Williams St., Salem. His son, Benjamin F., Jr. boarded at home. [Salem Dir]

Benjamin F. had moved to 9 Andover St., Salem and worked at Phillips Wharf. [Salem Dir]

February 9, 1874:
Benjamin F. died in an accident on the railroad. He was 51 years, 8 months, and 20 days old. He was interned in Salem. [PenApp#449046]

1876 to 1878:
Susan, Benjamin F.'s widow, lived at 21 Turner St., Salem with their sons, John H. B. and William C. [Salem Dir]

1879 to 1881:
Susan lived at 34 Upton St., Salem with their son, William C. John H. B. had moved to Boston. [Salem Dir]

Susan and three of her children were living in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts. William was working as a barber, Ada worked in a shoe shop and Anna was attending school. [census-Ma]

Susan lived at 14 Briggs St., Salem with their son, William C. [Salem Dir]

Susan was living in at 16 Norman, Salem. Her daughter Addie was living with her. [Salem Dir]

Susan was working as a nurse and still living at 26 Essex St., Salem. During part of this time her daughter Addie was living with her. [Salem Dir]

Susan was living at 29 Osborne St., Salem. She owned no property and was working as a nurse. [PenApp#449046/Salem Dir]

Susan was living at 3 Union Place. [Salem Dir]

Susan was living in Salem with her daughter Sarah Elizabeth Ellery and her family. [census-Ma]

Susan was living at 22 Mason, Salem. [Salem Dir]

Susan was living at 221 Leyden in East Boston. [Boston Dir]

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