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Asa Ratcliff Vanderford (3016)

Father: Eli Vanderford (2013)
Mother: Susannah Ratcliff

b. March 30, 1818 in Ross County, Ohio [Schieble]

d. September 27, 1889 in Buffalo, Missouri [PenApp#517812]

m. Mar. 12, 1840 in Polk Co., Malinda Gordon [PC Mar A:93], daughter of Noah (Manoah) Gordon and Nancy Bartlett, b. March 2, 1823 in Ind. [Wilcox]

Issue: [Wilcox-doc]

Julien Vanderford, b. 1841 in Dallas County, Missouri

m. 1856 in Dallas County, Missouri, Marion Evens [Jay B.]
Pelina E. Evens, b. 1857 in Dallas County, Missouri

Nancy P. Vanderford, b. 1842 in Dallas County, Missouri

Monroe Vanderford(4016), b. November 24, 1844

John Clinton Vanderford(4017), b. January 26, 1847, dc. 1890

Jasper Newton Vanderford(4018), b. August 2, 1849, d. September 1937

Marion Francis Vanderford(4019), b. November 1, 1851, d. January 28, 1918

James Beverly Vanderford(4020), b. December 10, 1854, d. October 21, 1923


Asa lived in Polk County (now Dallas County), Missouri with his wife. He was a farmer. [census-Mo]

Asa helped Caleb Williams build the first jail in Dallas County, Missouri. The jail was made with double walls of one foot thick square timbers. The space between the walls was pounded full of rock. The interior surface of the walls was lined with planks driven full of nails. The jail was built at a cost of about $400. [Hemphill,1954]

Asa was a farmer and lived in Dallas County, Missouri with his wife, daughter and 3 sons. The value of his real property was $1,200.

September 13, 1856:
The Bolivar Courier announced that Asa and his brother, Jesse (3018) settled the estate of their father, Eli, in Dallas County, Missouri. [Stanley,1982]

Asa was farming in Benton Township, Dallas county, Missouri. The 5 boys and Pelina, the granddaughter were at home. [census-Mo]

June 24, 1861:
Asa enlisted at Buffalo, Missouri as a private in Captain Eldridge's Cavalry Company G of the Dallas County, Missouri Home Guards. [PenApp#517812 & NA - mil rec]

September 24, 1861:
Asa was discharged. He received his pay of $24.75 on July 22, 1863. [PenApp#517812 & NA - mil rec]

Asa was a farmer in Benton Township, Dallas County, Missouri. His two youngest boys and granddaughter Pelina were still living at home.

October 31, 1870 (filed February 26, 1872):
Asa sold 140 acres to his son Newton for $500. [DC deed D:419]

March 13, 1871:
Asa bought at public auction for $50 the NW 1/4 of the SW 1/4 of Section 29, Township 33, Range 20 in Dallas County, Missouri. [DC deed D:176-7]

November 11, 1878:
Asa posted the security for his brother, Jesse (3018), who had died intestate. [MoPioneers]

May 24, 1879:
Asa sold 49.2 acres to his son John Clinton for $500. [DC deed G:296]

Asa and his wife Malinda were farming in Benton Township, Dallas County, Missouri. Their children had all left home. Asa was afflicted with rheumatism.

Malinda, Asa's widow was living in Buffalo, Dallas County, Missouri. [census-Mo]

June 15, 1891:
Malinda applied for a widow's Civil War Pension. This application appears to have been denied. [PenApp#517812]

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