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Enos Vanderford (3013)

Father: Eli Vanderford (2013)
Mother: Susannah Ratcliff

b. 1812, in Ohio. [census-Ohio]

d. 1866 [Biggs,1950]

m. June 9, 1834, Hannah Dowd, daughter of Connor Dowd and Hannah Graves [Biggs,1950]

b. July 9. 1815 on Raccoon Creek, Athens County, Ohio [Biggs,1950]
d. July 11, 1911 in Vinton County, Ohio [Biggs,1950]

Issue: [census-Ohio]

Susan (4127), b. March 1835

John D. (4128), b. 1837

Nancy (4129), b. 1841

Cynthia (4131), b. 1843 in Ohio

Enos M. (4130), b. 1845

Eli, b. 1847 in Ohio

Harriet M., b. 1850 in Ohio

m. Nov. 12, 1868 in Vinton County, Ohio, Charles A. Sudlow [VC mar 2:390], b. 1846 in England
1870: Charles was a school teacher and they were living in Madison township, Vinto County, Ohio. [census-Ohio]


Before his marriage, Enos bought, cleared and put under cultivation 40 acres about a mile from Raccoon Creek in Athens County, Ohio. [Biggs,1950]

Enos lived in Brown Township, Athens County (now Vinton County), Ohio with his wife, son and daughter. He was a farmer. [census-Ohio]

Enos moved his family to a farm nearer Zaleski. [Biggs,1950]

Enos lived in South Brown Township (now Madison Township), Vinton County, Ohio with his wife (Hannah), 3 sons (John D., Enos and Eli) and 4 daughters (Susanna, Nancy, Cynthia and Harriet). Enos was a farmer and his real property was appraised at $2000. All but the two youngest children were attending school. His mother-in-law Hannah Dowd, 73 born in North Carolina was also living with them. [census-Ohio]

When the town of Zaleski was laid out, Enos built two houses on Commercial Street. [Biggs,1950]

Enos and his son, John were merchants and the family was living in Zaleski, Ohio. His daughter, Susan, was a school teacher. [census-Ohio]

Hannah was living in Zaleski, Vinton County, Ohio. Her sons John and Enos were living next to her. [census-Ohio]

Hanna was living whith her daughter Susan's family in Zaleski, Vinton County, Ohio. [census-Ohio]

Hannah, Enos' widow, was living in Zaleski, Vinton County, Ohio with her daughter Susan Stevenson's family. [census-Ohio]

The DAR Chapter in McArthur, Ohio was named for Hannah Dowd Vanderford. Hannah's father, Connor Dowd, served in the Revolutionary War from North Carolina under Gen. Nathaniel Greene and Gen. Francis Marion (the Swamp Fox). [Biggs,1950]

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