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Alexander Vanderford (3010)

Father: William Vanderford (2012)
Mother: Sarah (Sally) Comer

b. 1825/6 in Eagle Township, Ross County (now Vinton County), Ohio [census-Ohio]


m. Nov. 9, 1845 in Jackson County, Ohio, Nancy Dixon [LDS]

b. 1826/7 in Ohio, dau. of Joseph Dixon and Jane Brown [Ross,1979]

Issue: [census-Ohio]

William M.(4035), b. Oct. 1846 in Ohio, d. June 27, 1900 [PenApp#14632J]

Joseph (4132), b. July 1848

Sarah J., b. 1852 in Ohio

Mary E., b. 1854 in Ohio

Margaret A., b. 1858 in Ohio


In December of 1861 when Alexander enlisted he was a farmer, 35 years old, 5'7", fair complexion, blue eyes and brown hair. [NA - Mil Rec]


Alexander was a farmer and working his father William's farm in Eagle Township, Vinton County, Ohio. He was living there with his father, wife, two small sons and Sarah Ellison, a 19 year old girl. The value of his real property was $2,500. [census-Ohio]

February 21, 1856:
His father William's will left Alexander his farm of 110 acres (part NE 1/4 of Section 23, Township 10, Range 19). Alexander was to pay each of the other heirs $100 within a year. [VC will 1:45]

Alexander was a farmer and lived in Eagle Township, Vinton County, Ohio with his wife, two sons, three daughters and 19 year old Jane Dixon. The value of his real property was $4,000 and personal property $700. William, Joseph and Sarah were all attending school, but his wife Nancy couldn't read or write. [census-Ohio]

December 24, 1861:
Alexander enlisted at Ragsville, Ohio to serve 3 years as a private in Company G, 73rd Regiment of Ohio Volunteers and mustered on December 31, 1861 at Camp Logan, Ohio.[NA - Mil Rec]

March - April, 1862:
Alexander was at home sick.[NA - Mil Rec]

August 9 - September 16, 1862:
Alexander was reported as "absent without leave." He was "tried by Court Martial and found not guilty." (He had been wounded at the Second Battle of Bull Run.) [PenApp#41547]

November, 1862:
Alexander was on duty as a teamster in the Brigade. [NA - Mil Rec]

July 2, 1863:
Alexander was wounded at Gettysburg. He received a gun shot wound; "the ball going through at the left knee and passing also through the right leg just above the ankle." [PenApp#41547]

July 15, 1863 - February 15, 1864:
Alexander was in the hospital recovering from his wounds.[NA - Mil Rec]

January 19, 1864:
Alexander was issued his Certificate of Disability for discharge. [PenApp#41547]

February 15, 1864:
Alexander was discharged. The surgeon's report decribed his disability as "division and shortening of Lunds Achilles causing permanent extension of right foot, also slight extension of left foot from gun shot wound. Both wounds from same ball. Is unfit to enter the Invalid Corps. Disability 3/4." [NA - Mil Rec]

September 6, 1871:
Alexander was living in Omaha, Nebraska and claimed he had a musket ball lodged in his left shoulder, which he received at the second battle of Bull Run. [PenApp#41547]

June 12, 1876:
Alexander was living in Fort Calhoun, Washington County, Nebraska. [PenApp#41547]

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