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Eli Vanderford (3003)

Father: William Vanderford (2012)
Mother: Sarah (Sally) Comer

b. March 26, 1804 in Eagle Township, Hocking County (now Vinton County), Ohio [LDS]

d. April 27, 1870 in Union Township, Marion County, Iowa, buried between his two wives, Barbary and Hannah in Rees Cemetery. [Rees Cem]

m. Dec. 22, 1823 in Athens County, Ohio, Margaret Barbara "Barbary" Swaim [LDS]
b. May 20, 1806 in Ohio [census-Iowa&Rees Cem]
d. Sept. 26, 1852, aged 46 yrs., 4 mos., 6 days, in Union Township, Marion County, Iowa, buried in Rees Cemetery. [Rees Cem]

Issue: [LDS&census-Iowa]

Susannah (4001), b. Oct. 1, 1824, in Ohio

Sally, b. Nov. 10, 1826, in Ohio, dc. 1840 [Hunt Fam]

Caroline (4003), b. May 7, 1831, in Ohio

Sylvester (4004), b. July 21, 1833, in Ohio

Catherine "Cass" (4005), b. Feb. 28, 1835, in Ohio

Amanda (4006), b. Feb. 17, 1839 in Ohio

Mary, b. Jan. 7, 1843 in Ohio, d. Superior, Nebraska

m. H. "Hi" Balcom [Hunt Fam]
issue: [Hunt Fam]

m2. Oct. 19, 1857 in Marion County, Iowa, Hannah Barrett[Marriage,1980]
b. March 10, 1823, in Virginia [Hunt Fam]
d. Oct. 1917 at the home of son, Zera, Indianola, Warren County, Iowa, buried (between her two husbands, Eli and James) in Rees Cemetery. [Rees Cem&Hunt Fam]
m2. Jan. 15, 1874 in Marion County, Iowa, James W. Hodges [Marriage,1980]
b. Jan. 7, 1807, d. Apr. 5, 1896 [Rees Cem]

Issue: [census-Iowa]

Eli Benton (4008), b. Mar. 23, 1859, d. June 19, 1907 [Rees Cem]

Zara Comer (4009), Mar. 18, 1862, d. Oct. 12, 1952 [LDS&Hunt Fam]


Eli lived in Athens County, Ohio with his wife and 2 daughters. [census-Ohio]

Eli was a farmer and lived in Elk Township, Athens County (now Vinton County), Ohio with his wife, son and 5 daughters. [census-Ohio]

Eli lived in Clear Creek Township, Keokuk County, Iowa with his wife (Barbary), son (Sylvester) and 4 of his daughters (Caroline, Catherine, Amanda and Mary). He was a farmer. All of the children were attending school, but his wife, Barbary, couldn't read or write. (They had just arrived from Ohio, and left after a few months for Marion County.)

March 27, 1851:
Eli purchased 30 acres for $38 cash from the U.S. Government in Marion County, Iowa. The property was Lot 1 of Township 77, Range 20, Section 28. [US Purch.]

May 3, 1851:
Eli and his wife Barbary sold 80 acres of mixed woods and prairie to Simeon Reynolds for $100 and 30 acres to Alonzo Reynolds for $157. [MC deed C:234&238]

February 28, 1852:
Eli bought 14 acres from Jacob Haynes for $42. [MC deed D:631]

February 28, 1853:
Eli and 38 others presented a petition that a new township called Swan be formed from part of Perry. The petition was granted. [Union,1881]

October 18, 1854:
Eli bought 3 parcels containing 160 acres from George Prentice for $800. [MC deed F:68]

Eli was a farmer and lived in Swan Township, Marion County, Iowa with his second wife Hannah and their infant son Eli B. His real property was valued at $1500 and personal property at $200. His daughter Mary was living with her sister Caroline Hunt and attending school.

July 15, 1862:
Eli bought from his son for $200 the two parcels Sylvester bought in 1860. [MC deed L:794]

January 13, 1869:
Eli bought the south part of Lot 4, 18.52 acres, for $154.33 from Clement Reno. Eli then mortgaged this parcel for $150 to Belinda Curtis. [MC deed 2:587, mort S:231/2]

June 25, 1869:
Eli and his wife Hannah sold the 9 acre parcel he bought from his son Sylvester in 1862 to Sarah Parker for $350. [MC deed 3:474]

March 12, 1870:
Eli and his wife Hannah sold the undivided 1/2 of the south part of Lot 4 (18.52 acres) to William Hixon for $200. [MC deed 8:166]

April 25, 1870:
Eli and his wife Hannah sold 1 1/2 acres to John Butcher for $50. [MC deed 6:490]

Eli's widow Hannah lived in Swan Township, Marion County, Iowa with their two sons, Eli B. and Zera C. Eli was listed on the Mortality Census as having died of chronic rheumatism in April.

February 6, 1874:
Joseph Metcalf sold to satisfy the unpaid charges against Eli's estate the undivided 1/2 of the south 18.52 acres of Lot 4 for $125 to William Wilson and Robert Anderson. (This transaction is a little confusing because it appears to be the same parcel Eli and Hannah sold on March 12, 1870.) [MC deed 5:24]

Eli's two sons, Eli Benton and Zera Comer, and widow Hannah were living with Hannah's second husband James Hodges. They were living in Union Township, Marion County, Iowa. Hannah had a broken leg at the time of the census in August, 1880. [census-Iowa]

Hannah, a widow for the second time, was living in Pleasantville, Marion County, Iowa. [census-Iowa]

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