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Charles Vanderford/Vandever (244)

Father: Thomas Vanderford (106)
Mother: Rosanna Ashbury

b. 1725-7 in Queen Annes County, Maryland [Vandaveer]

d. 1824 in Casey County, Kentucky [Vandaveer]

m. February 11, 1749 Sarah Delaney [St. Luke's Reg.]

m2. before 1762, Mary Jones [Vandaveer], daughter of Benjamin and Barbara Jones [KC pro A27:135], d. after 1824. [Arnold-doc]

Issue: [Vandaveer]

John (1015), b. 1750, d. before 1835

Thomas, b. 1752, d. 1771

Sarah (1017), b. 1754

Charles, Jr. (1018), b. 1758, d. Oct. 17, 1840

Mary, b.c. 1760

m. Sept. 9, 1778 in Rowan Co., N.C., William Jones [RoC bond]

George (1020), b. 1762, d.c. 1862 in Kansas

Elizabeth "Betsy", b. 1764

m. Joshua Speer

Ruth (1053), b. 1766, d. after 1863

Nancy, b. 1768

m. Jan. 19, 1789 in Surry Co., N.C., Peter Pettijohn [SC bond]

Ashberry (1024), b.c. 1770, d. Nov. 12, 1834


1748, and 1751-68:
Charles appeared on the Tax List for Murderkill Hundred, Kent County, Delaware. [KC tax]

January 29, 1752:
Charles received a gift from his father of 175 acres called Tappahanna in Murderkill Hundred, Kent County, Delaware. [KC deed O:116]

April 7, 1767:
Charles administered his father's estate. [KC pro A:51,228 & L:24]

October 8, 1770:
Charles and his wife Mary sold his land called Tappahanna for 140 pounds. (Charles was still using the name Vanderford.) [KC deed T:1]

Charles and his family moved to Curry Township, Rowen County, North Carolina. [Vandaveer]

February 4, 1773:
Charles was the overseer of the road from Shallowford to William Morrison's Mill on Third Creek. [Linn,1979]

August 7, 1777:
Charles was cited on suspicion of being unfriendly to the State. He did take the oath and sign. [Linn,1982]

Charles appeared on the Rowan County, North Carolina tax list in Captain Johnston's District. His tax assessment was 6 pounds, 4 shillings and 10 pence. [Linn,1980]

Charles and his sons, Charles and John, were listed as Tories, loyal to the King of England, during the Revolutionary War. [NC misc]

May 14, 1782:
Charles' negro man was in the possession of Brigadier General Davidson's widow. This negro man had been confiscated because Charles had "joined the Enemy under the command of Sam Bryan." The General Assembly of the State of North Carolina in response to a Petition from Charles resolved that the negro man was to remain in the possession of Mrs. Davidson until further order. [NC State Rec]

May 12, 1786:
Charles bought 580 1/2 acres on Forbisher Creek in Surry County, North Carolina for 450 pounds. [SC deed C:402]

Charles was listed as living in Salisbury Dirstrict, Surry Co., North Carolina. Ashbury's family was probably also living with him. He had one slave. [census-NC]

Charles moved to Lincoln County, Kentucky. [Vandaveer]

July 14, 1797:
Charles appeared on the Lincoln County, KY Tax List with one black and one horse. [Van Dyke Baer]

Charles appeared on the Lincoln County, KY Tax List with one black and 5 horses. [Van Dyke Baer]

Charles lived in Lincoln County, Kentucky. [census-Ky]

1803 and 1804:
Charles appeared on the Lincoln County, Kentucky Tax List. In 1803 he was listed with 100 acres in the name of Stephen Huston. [Van Dyke Baer]

Charles lived in Casey County, Kentucky with his wife, two other free men and one slave. [census-Ky]

Charles was baptized in the Green River Baptist Church in Kentucky, claiming to be 115 years old. (He was about 89 at the time.) [Vandaveer]

Charles lived in Casey County, Kentucky with his wife and 9 slaves. [census-Ky]

June 28, 1824 (written April 24, 1807):
Charles' will left all his property to his son Ashberry and 20 shillings to each of his living children. His wife Mary was to have use of his estate unless she remarried. [Arnold-doc]

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