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Richard Vanderford (243)

Father: Charles Vanderford* (104)
Mother: Hester

b.c. 1695

d. before 1768 [QA deed RTH:276]

m. before 1747, Hannah Green, daughter of Robert Green of Outrange, Kent County, Maryland.

b. after 1705, d. before 1765 [QA debt book]


Richard Vanderford [QA box 1, file 29]

John Vanderford (1014), b. 1730s


*Of the four brothers (Charles, Thomas, George and William), Charles is the most likely father of Richard. Charles was well established in Queen Annes County, and Richard married well, as did his brother John. Richard's son, John, married the daughter of the fourth brother, William. The other two brothers, Thomas and George, with their families, relocated in the 1740s to Kent County, Delaware.

December 12, 1715:
Richard witnessed the will of John Pierce of Cecil County, Maryland. [Baldwin,1968]

1747, 1754, 1756, 1757, 1758, 1763, 1765, 1766, and 1767:
Richard paid taxes of 1 shilling, 7 1/4 pence on the 40 acres called 'Ourtrange' his wife Hannah had received from her father, Robert Green. [QA debt books]

February 22, 1748:
Richard's son Richard was a trouper in the French & Indian War in Captain James Brown's Company. [QA box 1, file 29]

June 23, 1766:
Richard appears as an administrator with Michael Green and John Watson for the testament of Charles Green in Queen Annes County, Maryland. [QA test 41:274]

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