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James Vanderford (240)

Father: William Vanderford (108)
Mother: Rebecca Countiss

b.c. 1736 in Queen Annes County

d. between 1790-1800 [census-NC]

m. Feb. 26, 1759, Sarah Calvin, daughter of William Calvin [St. Luke's Reg.]

Issue: [census-NC&AnC deeds]

James, Jr. (1049), b. Sept. 21, 1761, d. after 1833



George (1050), bc. 1771

boy, b. 1774-90

boy, b. 1774-90




1754, 1756-8, 1763, 1765-7 and 1769:
James paid taxes of 1.1 7/8 shillings on 28 1/3 acres of Fox Hill and 7 1/2 pence on 15 2/3 acres of Brotherhood. [QA debt books]

March 7, 1771 recorded March 14, 1771:
James sold for 100 pounds his share of the 47 acres of Brotherhood and 85 acres of Fox Hill he inherited (with his brother John and mother Rebecca) from his father William. [QA deed]

April 14, 1773:
James bought from Wm. Lindsey for 50 pounds, proclamation money, 200 acres on the Southwest side of the Pee Dee River on the south side of Camp Branch of Savannah Creek, about 1/4 mile from Lawyer's Road in Anson County, North Carolina. [AnC deed K:40-1]

April 13, 1774:
James and his wife Sarah sold to Wm. Lindsey for 80 pounds, proclamation money, 200 acres on the Southwest side of the Peedee River on the head brances of Savannah Creek which James had previously bought from John Smith. [AnC deed K:54-5]

April 1777:
James was ordered by the Court to take part in work on a road in Anson County. [McBee,1980]

James' home in Anson County, North Carolina was 5 miles from the town of Mount Pleasant. [NA]

February 13, 1787:
James witnessed "with his mark" the will of Joseph Martin of Anson County. [McBee,1980]

James was living in Fayette District, Anson County, North Carolina. [census-NC]

April 6, 1791:
James bought from his son William for 40 pounds 100 acres on the south side of the Fall Branch of Smiths Creek adjoining his own property. [AnC deed C2:88]

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