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Matthew Vanderford (237)

Father: George Vanderford (107)
Mother: Eleanor (Hollingsworth?)

b. Aug. 21, 1739 in Queen Annes County, Maryland [St. Luke's Reg.]

d. Dec. 15, 1772 [KC pro A52:57]

m.c. 1760, Unity.

m2. Robert McClemings.
m3. Stephen Hairgrove. [KC pro A52:5 & Ledley]




May 29, 1760:
Matthew bought his brother Hollingsworth's 45 acre share of their father's estate, "Great Geneva." [KC deed P:200]

November 15, 1760 (recorded December 17, 1760):
Matthew sold to his brother John his 45 acre share of his father's estate "Great Geneva." (Matthew started to use the names Vandeveer and Vandiver.) [KC deed Q:19]

Matthew appeared in the Murderkill Hundred Tax List, Kent County, Delaware. [KC tax]

February 15, 1764 (recorded May 1765):
Matthew bought back from his brother John his own share of their father's estate "Great Geneva." [KC deed R:13]

February 15, 1765 (recorded June 1765):
Matthew sold his own and his brother Hollingsworth's share of their father's estate "Great Geneva." [KC deed R:22]

1769,78,79 Unity, Matthew's widow, was taxed 1 pound in Murderkill Hundred, Kent County, Delaware. [Ledley]

December 15, 1772:
Unity administered Matthew's estate. [KC pro A52:57 & L:121]

Unity moved to Rowan County, North Carolina with her son Matthew. [Vandaveer]

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