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Charles Vanderford (223)

Father: Charles Vanderford (104)
Mother: Esther

b.1725 in Queen Annes County, Maryland [QA will box 13:1]


m. September 22, 1754 in Salem, Essex County, Massacusetts, Susannah Peters [Salem 4:63]. Intent dated June 1, 1754; both from Salem [Salem Press]


Charles Vanderford (1008), b. 1757

Susannah Vanderford

m. December 9, 1777 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, John Carwick, Jr. [Salem 5:60]

Sarah Vanderford

m. October 30, 1779 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts, George Foster Night [Salem VR]

John Vanderford (1011), b. 1757 [Kaminkow,1967]

Benjamin Vanderford (1012) [Kaminkow,1967]


February 15, 1736:
His father's will reads: "I give and bequeath to my son Charles Vanderford, twenty pounds current money of this province to be paid to him as soon as he shall attain the age of eighteen years." Charles was left in the care of his older brother Vincent (220). [QA will box 13:1]

February 22, 1748:
Charles was listed as a soldier in the French and Indian War in Captain James Brown's Company from Queen Annes County, Maryland. [QA box 1, File 29]

October 1755:
Charles served in the French and Indian War expedition to Crown Point under Colonel Ichabod Plaised. [MacKay,1978]

Charles appeared on Tax List No. 1 for Salem, Massachusetts. He paid taxes to the province, county and town. [Salem,Tax]

Charles appeared in the Massachusetts Tax Valuation List for Salem with an estimated annual worth of 2 pounds. [Pruitt,1978]

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