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Benjamin Vanderford (222)

Father: Charles Vanderford (104)
Mother: Esther

b. between 1718-1730 [QA will Box 13:1]

d.c. 1766 [QA debt book]

m. Aug. 17, 1749, Anne Bayley [St. Luke's Reg.]

m2. John Davis[Harper,1980]



February 15, 1736:
His father's will reads "I give and bequeath unto my son Benjamin Vanderford, twenty pounds current money of this province to be paid to him as soon as he shall attain the age of eighteen years." John (221) was to have "the care, tuition and maintenance" of his brother Benjamin. He was to be taught "to read English, writing and arithmetic so far as to understand the rule of three or Golden Rule." And also to be educated "in the trade or industry of a carpenter." [QA will box 13:1]

March 11, 1755:
Thomas Bayley gave to his daughter Anne, wife of Benjamin, "for love, affection and better maintenance" 75 acres of Bayleys Delight. Benjamin paid the three shilling recording fee. [QA deed RTD:297]

1758, 1763 and 1765:
Benjamin paid the tax of 3 shillings on 75 acres of Bayley's Delight. [QA debt books]

1766, 1767 and 1769:
Anne paid the tax of 3 shillings on the 75 acres of Bayley's Delight. [QA debt books]

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