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John Vanderford (221)

Father: Charles Vanderford (104)
Mother: Hester

b.c. 1697

d. Jan. 1783 [QA will box 13:4]

m. Mary Wrench, daughter of William Wrench [QA will 4:262]

m2. Rachel R. [QA will box 13:4]

Issue: [QA will box 13:4]

William (1025), d. 1787

Charles Wrench (1026), d. 1788

John, Jr. (1027), d. 1796


m. Aug. 24, 1774, William Clayland [Clark,1969]


m. --- Rakes [QA will box 13:6]

Rebecca, not married by 1782

Elizabeth, d. before 1782

m. --- Costin

issue: [QA will TW1:134]


June 2, 1713:
John was admonished for his 'inconfinent living' with Comfort Sipple. [St. Paul's Reg.]

March 31, 1740 (recorded March 31, 1748):
William Wrench left his son-in-law John 200 acres of Wrenchs Farm where he was residing plus 20 shillings. [QA will 4:262]

March 7, 1748/9:
John was a Church Warden at St. Paul's Parish. [St. Paul's Reg.]

December 2, 1751 recorded January 9, 1752:
John bought the 100 acres of the tract called Christophers Hazard for 1500 pounds of tobacco and 18 pounds. [QA deed RTD:61]

Sept. 2, 1752, Nov. 12, 1753, Sept. 3, 1754:
John was nominated as inspector at Pemberton's Warehouse for the ensuing year. [St. Paul's Reg.]

March 17, 1753 and April 2, 1754:
John took the required government oaths to be an inspector, "to wit: The Oath of Allegiancy, Abhorrency and Abjuration, subscribing the Oath of Abjuration, making and subscribing the Declaration called the Test and and taking the Oath of Inspector." [St. Paul's Reg.]

1754 and 1756:
John paid taxes of 8 shillings on 200 acres of Wrenchs Farm and 4 shillings on 100 acres of Christophers Hazard. [QA debt books]

June 3, 1755:
John bought from John Chairs 200 acres, a part of Wrench's Farm, for 100 pounds and 5000 pounds of tobacco. [QA deed RTD:320]

June 17, 1756:
John sold the 100 acres of Christophers Hazard to James Pratt. [QA rent rolls 12:551]

Jan. 22, 1757:
John, as inspector at Pemberton's Warehouse rendered an account of 6,333 pounds tobacco, which had a shrinkage of 141 pounds tobacco. [St. Paul's Reg.]

1757, 1758, 1763, 1765, 1766, 1767, and 1769:
John paid taxes of 16 shillings on 400 acres of Wrenchs Farm. [QA debt books]

Nov. 16, 1770:
John paid 6 pounds cash for Church pews. [St. Paul's Reg.]

John appeared in the Maryland census for Queen Annes County in Tuckahoe Hundred. [census-MD]

December 1, 1782 recorded January 25, 1783:
John's will left his estate on the north side of Robothams Branch to his wife Rachel and on her death to his son Charles Wrench. His son William was to get 200 acres of Wrenchs Farm on the south side of the branch. [QA will TW1:134]

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