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James Vanderford (2032)

Father: James Vanderford (1049}
Mother: Rachal Ratliff

b. 1792 in Anson County, North Carolina [census-SC]

d. Sept. 6, 1875 in Union County, South Carolina [H.B. Vanderford - doc]

m. April 1817, Polly Hollingsworth, daughter of William Hollingsworth and Jane Nelson Tracy, b. March 10, 1802, d. August 6, 1825 [Mabry,1981]

Issue: [census-SC]

girl, b. 1817-20, d.y.

boy, b. 1820-25

Thompson (3051), b. 1823, d. 1862-5

m2. Betsey Hollingsworth, b. 1806 in South Carolina [NA - PenApp#8587]

Issue: [census-SC]

James (3052), b. Nov. 10, 1827, d. 1896

Asberry (3057), b. 1828, d. Feb. 26, 1863

Wade Hampton (3055), b. 1830, d. July 11, 1863

Oliver H. P. "Perry" (3053), b. 1832

Louisa, b. 1835 in South Carolina

m. Christopher Roberson, d. before 1876 [UC Box64:18]

Susan, b. 1841 in South Carolina

m. Leander J. Moore [H.B. Vanderford - doc]

William M. (3054), b. December 7, 1844, d. April 19, 1912


October 15, 1814:
James entered at Hadderas Point, South Carolina Captain Samuel Faucett's Company in Col. Mean's Regiment as a substitute for Tarlton Norville who had enlisted on Oct. 1, 1814 for a 6 month term in the War of 1812. [NA - BLCAN#1099]

March 7, 1815:
James was discharged from the military. [NA - BLCAN#1099]

James was living in Union County, South Carolina with his wife, infant daughter and a female aged 10 to 16. [census-SC]

James was living in Union County, South Carolina. [census-SC]

James was living in Union County, South Carolina. [census-SC]

January 6, 1844 (recorded August 25, 1846):
James sold to John McClure the 1.1 acres adjoining his land on the east side of the Perickney for $9. [UC deed U14:125]

James was a planter in Union County, South Carolina. [census-SC]

July 17, 1854:
James applied for a Bounty Land Grant for his service during the War of 1812. [NA - BLCAN#1099]

December 6, 1854:
James was issued Certificate #102,328 for 40 acres of land. [NA - BLCAN#1099]

April 9, 1855:
James surrendered his certificate for 40 acres and made a claim for 160 acres instead. [NA - BLCAN#1099]

January 21, 1856:
James wrote that he was entitled to the land since the man he had substituted for had died, left no widow or minors, and made no claim for land. James was granted Warrant No. 17,972 for 160 acres on the coast of South Carolina. [NA - BLCAN#1099]

James was farming in Union County, South Carolina. [census-SC]

James and his wife were farming in Pinkney Township, Union County, South Carolina. [census-SC]

April 11, 1871:
James applied for a pension for his service in the War of 1812. His address at the time was Union Court House, Union County, South Carolina. [NA - PenApp#8587]

October 11, 1871:
James was granted a pension of $8.00 per month retroactive to February 14, 1871. [NA - PenApp#8587]

Oct. 16, 1875:
James' personal estate was sold at public auction for $85.16. Many of the household items were bought by family members. [UC Box61:8]

June 6, 1876:
James' son William petitioned the court to settle his estate consisting of 105 acres in Union County, South Carolina. [H.B. Vanderford - doc]

Nov. 6, 1876:
James' 105 acres in Prickney Township on the Mount Faber Road about 8 miles east of the Union Court House was sold for $601. The terms being one third in cash, the remainder due in twelve months with interest. [UC Box 64:18]

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