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George Vanderford (2016)

Father: Charles Wrench Vanderford (1026)


d. 1789

m. Sarah [QA will SC7:208]

m2. before 1812, Hawkins Downes [QA deed JB1:396-8]

Issue: [QA will SC7:208]

Sarah, b. after 1773


November 3, 1788:
George was a witness in the hearing of a complaint against the election for Sheriffs of Queen Annes County. George was paid 3 pounds 10 shillings for one days attendance and 6 days itinerant charges. [Archives, Vol.LXXI]

November 25, 1789, recorded December 15, 1789:
George in his will left everything in his possession to his wife Sarah until April 24, 1794. After that half was to go to his daughter Sarah when she was 16. Some unspecified property was to go to his brother Thomas' children John and William. [QA will SC7:208]

George's widow Sarah and his daughter Sarah were living with his mother. [census-MD]

September 21, 1812, recorded October 5, 1812:
Sarah sold to her husband's brothers William and Charles her dower rights to 151 acres of Wrenches Farm for $200. [QA deed JB1:396-8]

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