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Richard Vanderford (2005)

Father: John Vanderford (1014)
Mother: Minta Vanderford

b. 1760-70 in North Carolina [census-Ga]

d. 1845 [Coker]

m. Deborah Nancy Bonner, dau. of Thomas Bonner and Margaret Jones [Austin,1986], b. 1772 in North Carolina, d. 1860 in Monroe, Walton County, Georgia. [census-Ga & Coker]

Issue: [census-Ga]

Howard, b. [Thaxton,1988]

John (3035), b. 1796

Thomas (3036), b. 1798

Barzillai (3038), b. 1800, d. July 24, 1876 [census-Miss]

Minta (3034), b. 1794-1804

girl, b. 1796-1804

William (3040), b. 1802, d. after 1880

Charlotte, b. 1805

m. March 10, 1826 in Clarke County, Georgia, Noah Strickland, b. 1804 [ClC mar B:143]

Josiah (3043), b. 1809, d. before 1900

Louisa [Coker]

m. April 8. 1835 in Walton County, Georgia, Hiram H. R. Delsey [ancestry]

Augustus (3048), b. 1814, d. 1893-6

Allen C. (3042), b. 1816 [census-Miss]


Richard was taxed in Posey District, Greene County, Georgia. [Tax Digests]

Richard was taxed in William Hopkin's District, Jackson County (now Clarke County), Georgia. [Tax Digests]

February 3, 1800:
Richard had agreed to buy for $1000, 200 acres on Beaverdam Creek in Greene County, Georgia from William Reddock, Sr. Since Wm. Reddock died before the tiltle was transferred the Court ordered the title to be made from the estate. [Lucas,1991]

Richard was taxed in Lloyd District, Jackson County (now Clarke County), Georgia. [Tax Digests]

October 25, 1802:
Richard's son Howard signed an affidavit in Clark County, Georgia backing Jordon Bonnor's claim that in 1801 Creek Indians stole two horses valued at $200 total. [Thaxton,1988]

1802 and 1805:
Richard was taxed in Greer District, Clarke County, Georgia. [Tax Digests]

Richard of Clarke County, Georgia drew two blanks (no prize) in the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery. [Wood,1964]

Richard was taxed in Funderburk District, Clarke County, Georgia. [Tax Digests]

September 28, 1811 (recorded February 26, 1829):
Richard sold 50 acres on the Appalachee River in Clarke County, Georgia to Allen Bonner for $500. [ClC deed O:65]

August 7, 1813:
Richard received his 37 1/2 acre inheritance (Lot No. 5 worth $46.07) on Cedar Creek in Chatham County, North Carolina. (There is no record of what Richard did with this property.) [CC probate]

Richard was taxed in Clarke County, Georgia for 246 acres on the Apalache River and for 4 slaves. [ClC Tax]

Richard was taxed for 146 acres on the Apalache River and for 5 slaves in Clarke County, Georgia. [ClC Tax]

Richard lived in Athens Township, Clarke County, Georgia with his wife, 5 sons and 2 daughters. He had one female slave over 45 and 3 male and 2 female slaves under 14. [census-Ga]

Richard received Lot 354 Section 8 in Appling County in the Third Land Lottery of Georgia. [Lucas,1986]

Richard lived in Clarke County with his wife, 2 sons and a daughter. He had one female slave aged 24 to 36, 3 male and one female slaves aged 10 to 24 and one male and one female slave under 10. [census-Ga]

July 8, 1837 (recorded November 6, 1838):
Richard and Lewis Arthur sold to his son Allen C. Vanderford land on the Apalachee river adjoining the lands of Vanderford & Brooks for $1000. [ClC deed Q:318-9]

October 14, 1837 (recorded November 6, 1838):
Richard sold 180 acres on the Apalachee River adjoining the lands of Vanderford, Brown & Wallis to Lewis Arthur for $1000. [ClC deed Q:319]

Richard and his wife were living in Clarke County, Georgia. [census-Ga]

November 8, 1841:
Richard sold two slaves, a boy named Madison and a girl named Effey, twins about 7 or 8 years of age to his grandson Fuller Millsaps for $1,000. They were to be held in trust for "the use, benefit and support and maintenance and enjoyment" of his daughter Minta. [Darryl]

November 16, 1841:
Richard gave five slaves (Feriby, Henry, Susan, Caroline and Elizabeth Victory) to his son Joaiah in trust for his daughter Charlotte and her children. [Darryl - doc]

November 26, 1841:
Richard gave two slaves (Saley and Harry) to his son Josiah in trust for his daughter Louisa and her children. Saley was to remain with his wife for her life and Harry with him for his. [Darryl - doc]

Richard's widow Nancy was living with her daughter Charlotte Strickland and family in Jackson County, Georgia. [census-Ga]

Richard's widow Nancy was living with her son William and his family in Walton County, Georgia. [census-Ga]

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