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Catherine Vanderford (19)

Father: Michael Paul Vanderford
Mother: Maria Rapalje

bap. Oct. 27, 1658 as Claertie in the New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church ("27 Oct; Michiel Paulus; Claertie; Hillegond Joris"). [RDC Baptisms]

d. Aug. 24, 1749 [Pennington]

m. Arthur Emory III, married twice before [Hollowak,1980]

d. 1699 [Maryland Mag Vol.23]

Issue: [Maryland Mag Vol.23]

John, b. 1687, d. 1763

m. Ann Thomas
m2. Ann ----

issue: 10 children [Ledley]


John was a surveyor, planter, blacksmith, court crier and keeper of weights and measures. [Ledley]

William, b. 1690/1

m. Sarah King, d. Nov. 1776

issue: 3 children [Ledley]

Arthur IV, bc. 1695

m. Jane Hopper

issue: [Ledley]
Jane, bc. 1720
     m. 12/9/1739, Thomas Vanderford (225) [St. Luke's]

Ann, b. 169?

m. ---- Glandon [Pennington]

m2. 1700, Edmund Pryor [Pennington]

d. before April 13, 1738 [Pennington]

Issue: [Pennington]

William (P11), bc. 1701, d. 1769


February 1671:
Catherine's father gave her a cow and a heifer. [Leonard,1988]

February 21, 1699 (recorded April 26, 1699):
Catherine was executor of her first husband's estate. Their three sons when they reached 21 and their daughter when she reached 16 were to receive their share of the estate. [Baldwin,1968]

August 25, 1715:
Catherine and her nephew Charles (104) sold for 21,219 pounds of tobacco and 35 pounds, 14 shillings and 4 pence "all those several tracts formerly possessed by Michael Paul Vanderford, late of Talbot, deceased, on the south side of Courseys Creek." [QA deed IKA:47]

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