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Father: Michael Paul Vanderford
Mother: Maria Rapalje

bap. Oct. 18, 1656 in the New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church ("18 Oct; Michiel Pauluszen, Carman, Marritje Joris; Joris; Lysbeth Jans"). [RDC Baptisms]

d.c. 1715 [QA deed IKA:45]


Issue: [QA deed IKC:237,240,246]

Charles Vanderford(104), b.c. late 1670s, d. 1737

Thomas Vanderford(106), b.c. 1689, d. 1767

George Vanderford (107), b.c. 1684, d. Feb. 22, 1758

William Vanderford(108), b.c. 1700, d. 1745


George arrived with his father and the rest of the family from New York. Due to a misunderstanding, he is listed as "George Pauleson" son of Michael Pauleson, rather than the correct Dutch name of George Michaelson. This is probably why he became known as George Paul Vanderford. [Skordas,1968]

October - November 1678:
George was paid 300 pounds of tobacco for taking part in the expedition against the Nanticoke Indians. [Archives, Vol.VII]

February 20, 1783:
George witnessed two deeds for John Hollingsworth. [Leonard,1988]

George bought 150 acres called Astor on Hambleton's Branch in Talbot County, Maryland. The purchase price was 6000 pounds of tobacco, of which half was owed. [TC deed KK5:109]

November 30, 1690, recorded Sept. 20, 1692:
Michael's will made his son, George, a co-executor and gave him first choice of his estate after it had been divided into as many shares as he had children. [TC will 6:5]

April 23, 1698:
George was named an executor of John Hollingsworth, Sr.'s will. (John Hollingsworth was probably his father-in-law.) [Baldwin,1968]

February 21, 1699:
George witnessed the will of his sister Catherine's husband, Arthur Emory, Sr. [Baldwin,1968]

January 11, 1702:
George witnessed the will of John Bowles. [Baldwin,1968]

August 25, 1715:
Charles (George's son) and Catherine Pryor (George's sister) sold St. Pauls and Carmans Neck which George and Catherine had inherited from their father, Michael Paul; therefore George must have died before this date. [QA deed IKA:45]

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