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George Vanderford (107)

Father: George Paul Vanderford (18)

b.c. 1684 [Ledley]

d. Feb. 22, 1758 in Kent County, Delaware [KC deed R:22]

m. Eleanor (Hollingsworth?) [QA deed NTB:279]

Issue: [KC pro A51:229]


m. April 21, 1737, George Seward [Barnes]




John (235), b. 1728-30, d. 1770

Hollingsworth (236), b. 1730, d. March 17, 1820

Matthew (237), b. Aug. 21, 1738, d. Dec. 15, 1772


George was a member of St. Luke's Parish. [St. Luke's Reg.]

George appeared in the Queen Annes County Levy Court Squirrel Head Bounty List. [Wright,1986]

May 7, 1729:
George received 56 2/3 acres of Fox Hill from his brother, Charles (104) for brotherly love and affection and 1000 pounds of tobacco. [QA deed IKC:240]

George paid taxes on 56 3/4 acres of Fox Hill (2 shillings, 3 1/2 pence) and on 47 acres of Brotherhood (1 shilling, 10 1/2 pence). [QA debt book, pg. 70]

February 11, 1739:
George sold to John Hayes for 8000 pounds of tobacco the 47 acres of Brotherhood which he had bought from Edward Wright, Jr. on Feb. 9, 1729 (recorded September 2, 1729). [QA deed NTB:279 & QA rent 12:501]

George and his wife Elenor sold the 56 2/3 acres of Fox Hill. [Ledley]

1740, 1743, 1744, 1748, and 1751-4:
George appeared in the Murderkill Hundred Tax List, Kent County, Delaware. [KC tax]

September 5, 1745:
George purchased for 80 pounds 233 acres in the middle of "Great Geneva," Kent County, Delaware. [Vandaveer]

February 10, 1756:
George sold 75 acres of "Great Geneva" for 75 pounds. "Great Geneva" was on the south side of Tibdury Branch of Dover River in Murderkill Hundred, Kent County, Delaware. [KC deed O:324]

February 22, 1758:
George left to his three sons, Hollingsworth, John and Matthew, 150 acres in the "Great Geneva." Also mentioned were son George, daughters Elenor, Esther and Rachel and wife Elenor. (There is a picture of a house on "Great Geneva" in the Dover Hall of Records.) [KC deed Q:19]

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