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Thomas Vanderford (106)

Father: George Paul Vanderford (18)

b.c. 1689 in Talbot County, Maryland [Vandaveer]

d. 1767, Kent County, Delaware. [KC Pro A51:228; L:24]

m. Rosanna Ashbury [St. Luke's Reg.]


Thomas (225), b.c. 1720, d. 1747 [QA will 7:254]

Charles (244), b. 1725-7 [KC pro A51:228]

John (245), sea captain, d. before 1767 [Vandaveer]

George, twin, b. July 29, 1740 [St. Luke's Reg.]

Ashbury, twin, b. July 29, 1740 [St. Luke's Reg.]

Sarah, d. Aug. 4, 1737 [Wright,1983]


October 3, 1728:
Thomas was a member or St. Luke's Parish and signed a petition for the division of St. Paul's Parish. [St. Luke's Reg.]

May 6, 1729:
Thomas promised 200 pounds of tobacco toward building the new brick church for St. Paul's Parish. [St. Luke's Reg.]

May 7, 1729, recorded July 10, 1729:
Thomas received 56 2/3 acres of Fox Hill from his brother Charles (104) for brotherly love and affection and 1000 pounds of tobacco. [QA deed IKC:240]

April 6, 1731, recorded September 1, 1731:
Thomas bought from Edward Wright, Jr. 37 acres of Notlar's Delight for 2300 pounds of tobacco. [QA deed RTA:78]

Thomas paid taxes on 56 3/4 acres of Fox Hill (2 shillings, 3 1/2 pence) and on 37 acres of Notlars Delight (1 shilling, 6 pence). [QA debt book, pg.70]

August 25, 1737:
Thomas witnessed the will of Mary Johnson as Thomas Vanderford, Sr. [QA will 7:254]

January 26, 1740:
Thomas and his wife Rosanna sold to Thomas Butler 37 acres of Notlars Delight for 3000 pounds of tobacco. [QA deed RTB:327]

August 28, 1740:
Thomas offered a mortgage on Fox Hill (90 acres) and Notlars Delight (37 acres) for 5820 pounds of tobacco. (He must have been using part of George's land as well as his own.) [QA deed RTB:300]

1740, 1743, 1744, 1748, and 1751-6:
Thomas appeared in the Murderkill Hundred Tax List, Kent County, Delaware. [KC tax]

September 19, 1748:
Thomas appears in the land records for Gum Pond, Horse Head Neck, Murderkill Hundred. [KC deed 1:24,24a]

November 13, 1751 (recorded January 30, 1752):
Thomas bought 350 acres in the Forrest of Murderkill Hundred on the southeast side of Tappahanna Marsh for 60 pounds from Waitman Sipple. [KC deed O:117]

January 29, 1752:
Thomas gave 175 acres of the tract called Tappahanna to his son Charles. [KC deed O:116]

May 14, 1756:
Thomas sold the 175 of the 350 acres he was living on back to Waitman Sipple for 76 pounds. With the land he sold his livestock and household goods, including one Bible and a parcel of books. (It is probable that he moved next door to live with his son Charles.) [KC deed O:338]

August 27, 1759:
In a letter to Governor Sharpe from John Emory, it is stated that Thomas Vanderford of Kent upon Delaware could give evidence regarding a survey. [Archives, Vol.XLVII]

April 7, 1767:
Thomas's died without a will and his estate was settled by his son Charles. [KC pro A51:228]

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