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James Vanderford, Jr. (1049)

Father: James Vanderford (240)
Mother: Sarah Calvin

b. Sept. 21, 1761 in Queen Annes County, Maryland [NA]

d. after 1838, buried Ratliff Graveyard, Hickman County, Tennessee [Paddock]

m. Rachel Ratliff, daughter of Richard Ratliff [AnC deed P:62] and Mary Newton, b. 1755-1774, d. 1848 in Hickman County, Tennessee [census-NC and TN Arch]

Issue: [census-NC]

Rebecca (2031), b. 1783, d. Dec 3, 1853

James (2032), b. 1792, d. Sept 6. 1875

girl, b. 1790-94

boy, b. 1794-1800

boy, b. 1794-1800


Nov. 17, 1778:
James entered 150 acres of land in Anson County, North Carolina lying on the Camp Branch of the waters of Savannah Creek joining his father's lands on the southeast. [AnC Land No. 636]

Winter of 1778-1779:
James served a five month term as a militia-man under Captain Ledbetter and Lieutenant Fletcher. They went to Salisbury and under the command of Colonel Dobbins went through Charlotte, North Carolina and Campden, South Carolina to a place called Salt Catcher and then to the Savannah River. They joined General Lincoln and a part of the troops crossed over the River and had an engagement with the British on Brier Creek in the State of Georgia. James was part of the troops left on the South Carolina side of the River as a rear guard. [NA]

December 1779:
James served a term of three months as a substitute under Captain Fair. They marched under Colonel Hampton and joined General Lincoln in Charleston where they were engaged making breastworks. [NA]

April 1780 - June 1781:
James served as a minute man under Captain John Lejarneth. [NA]

June 1781:
James was drafted as a militia-man of the State of North Carolina for the term of three months. A captain by the name of Brachen commanded the company. "He marched us to a creek called the hanging rock in the state of South Carolina. There we were joined by the other North Carolina Militia. From thence we marched to the Tangaree River where a French Colonel by the name of Malmedy took command of us. Just about this time our Captain Brachen deserted us and went home. We were then put under command of Captain Bell. At this place or near it we joined General Greene and in a few days we fought the battle of the Eutaws. I was in the battle. We took three or four hundred prisoners, who were conveyed to Salisbury for safe keeping under a guard of whom I was one, but before we got to Salisbury those of the Militia who lived lowdown in North Carolina were discharged and I amongst the rest after having served my tour of three months about six miles above Campden in North Carolina at a place called Rudgeley's Mill from here I went home." [NA]

October 1781:
James volunteered for a term of three months in the company of Captain John Lejarneth under the command of General Rutherford. "He marched us down near Wilmington in the state of North Carolina, to a place called the brick house here we had a little skirmish with the British [about 300] who were forted in the house. We killed six of their men and they one of ours. We deemed it imprudent to rush on them so strongly fortified in the daytime and waited until night but before we attacked them they retreated to Wilmington where the British were in strong force. We remained here until we heard of the capture of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown and then we were discharged." [NA]

James and his brothers William and Benjamin signed a petition to the General Assembly of North Carolina regarding the location of the proposed Anson County Courthouse. [McBee,1980]

October 14, 1783:
James received North Carolina land grant No. 697. He paid 50 shillings for 100 acres on Fall Branch. [AnC deed 4:309]

November 26, 1787:
James bought for 45 pounds 100 acres on the south east side of Buffelow (sic) Creek, in Anson County, North Carolina. [AnC deed B2:403]

September 13, 1788:
James sold to his brother Benjamin for 20 pounds property located on a fork of Fall Branch, in Anson County, North Carolina. This was the 100 acres he received in 1783 in Land Grant No. 697. [AnC deed B2:175]

James, Jr. was living in the Fayette District of Anson County, North Carolina. [census-NC]

March 19, 1792:
James sold for 60 pounds the property on the southeast side of Buffelow (sic) Creek he bought in 1787. [AnC deed C2:27]

December 16, 1796:
James bought from his brother Benjamin for 50 pounds 100 acres on the south side of Flatt Branch on Smiths Creek in Anson County, North Carolina. This was half of the property their brother William had bought in 1786. In 1791 William had sold 1/2 to Benjamin and 1/2 to his father. [AnC deed E:213]

James was living in Anson County, North Carolina. His mother Sarah was probably living with them. [census-NC]

October 30, 1802:
James sold for 20 pounds 100 acres on the north prong of Smiths Creek in Anson County, North Carolina. [AnC deed P:170]

December 17, 1807:
James sold for 70 pounds 200 acres on the Fall Branch of Smiths Creek in Anson County, North Carolina. This was the land his brother William bought in 1786. [AnC deed W:370]

January 5, 1808:
James and Arnold (perhaps his nephew) sold for 100 pounds 125 acres on the third corner in the fork of the Fall Branch in Anson County, North Carolina. James had sold this land to his brother Benjamin in 1788. [AnC deed O:139-140]

James was living in Anson County, North Carolina. His brother George (1050) was probably living with the family. [census-NC]

October 14, 1811:
James and Rachel's brothers and sister sold her deceased father's 100 acres on the Pee Dee River for $75. [AnC deed P:62]

December 1811:
James moved to Hickman County, Tennessee with his wife's brothers and sister. About a year earlier a group of Tallants, including his daughter Rebecca, moved to Roan County, Tennessee. [Paddock]

James and his wife were living in Hickman County, Tennessee. [census-Tenn]

October 4, 1828 (recorded March 5, 1832):
James sold 48+ acres on Haley's Creek in Hickman County, Tennessee for $200. [HC deed from G:229]

James and his wife were living in Hickman County, Tennessee. [census-Tenn]

September 10, 1832:
James, a resident on Haley's Creek in Hickman County, Tennessee, applied for a Revolutionary War pension. [NA]

July 18, 1833:
James' pension of $46.66 per annum was approved. [NA]

December 10, 1838 (recorded December 29, 1838):
James was awarded (Grant No. 15354) for his Revolutionary War service 50 acres on Haley's Creek in Hickman County, Tennessee on the east side of the tract he was living on. [TN Arch grants 18:415]

October 1, 1848:
Rachel, James' widow, was owed $17.87 1/2 from the estate of Elijah Cantrell. [TN Arch settl D:67]

December 19, 1848:
Rachel's administrator and heirs partitioned the court to sell all her land and slaves. [TN Arch MinBook 1844-55:95]

August 21, 1849:
Rachel's land and slave had been purchased by Shadrack Lawson and the court ordered that the proceeds be distributed. [TN Arch MinBook 1844-55:175-6]

The old Ratcliff Cemetery is behind the pond on the Harder Maddox farm in Gray's Bend.

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