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Charles Wrench Vanderford (1026)

Father: John Vanderford (221)
Mother: Mary Wrench


d. 1788 [QA will box 13:6]

m2. Jan. 29, 1781, Sarah Mondsley [Clark,1969]

Issue: [QA will box 13:6]

Thomas (2024) [QA will SC7:208]

George (2016), d. 1789

William (2017), b. Feb. 6, 1787

Charles Wrench (2018), bc. 1788, d. 1811



Revolutionary War:
Charles Wrench joined the American Army during the Revolution and was one of the Maryland Line. [Bio,1879]

Charles Wrench appeared in the Maryland census for Queen Annes County in the Tuckahoe Hundred. [census-MD]

January 18, 1783 recorded February 15, 1783:
A lease between Charles Wrench and Rachel his stepmother granted to Charles Wrench for 7 years 200 acres at a rent of 12 pounds per year. [QA deed RT3:78]

July 26, 1785:
For 108 pounds Charles Wrench bought one negro girl named Sarah about 11 years of age, one grey mare called Cato, one bay horse called Fox and about 2000 pounds of tobacco. [QA deed CD1:309]

Charles Wrench's will named his wife Sarah, eldest son George, second son William, younger son Charles, daughter Mary and sister Easter Rakes. His two negroes were to be freed after 8 years. [QA will SC7:163]

Sarah, Charles Wrench's widow, was living in Queen Annes County, Maryland with her daughter Mary. George's widow Sarah and his daughter Sarah were living with them. [census-MD]

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