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John Vanderford (1014)

Father: Richard Vanderford (243)
Mother: Hannah Green

b.c. 1730s in Queen Annes County, Maryland

d. 1792 in Chatham County, North Carolina [CC will RB1:40]

m. Minta Vanderford, b. June 20, 1741, Queen Annes Co., Maryland [St.Lukes Reg.] , d. 1813 in Chatham County, North Carolina [CC will] , Minta was the daughter of William (108) and Rebecca Countiss Vanderford.

Issue: [CC will RB1:40]

Richard Vanderford (2005), b. 1760-70

John Daniel Vanderford(2006), b. 1760, dc. 1820

Elizabeth Vanderford, b. 1755-65

m. John Elkins [CC probate 1813]

Mary Vanderford

m. before 1790, John Craven [CC probate 1813]

Sally "Sarah" Vanderford

m. John Sanders [CC probate 1813]

Nancy Ann Vanderford

m. Thomas Deaton [CC probate 1813]

Harriet Vanderford, bc. 1788, d. before 1813) [CC probate 1813]

William Vanderford (2012), b. June 23, 1782

Eli Vanderford (2013), b. 1784, d. 1869

Susanna "Susan" Vanderford, b. 1784-90 [census-NC]

m. John Overton [CC probate 1813]


John was listed as a trouper in the French & Indian War in Mr. Thomas Hynson Wright's company from Queen Annes County, Maryland. [QA box 1, file 38]

September 29, 1768:
John sold as son and heir of Richard Vanderford (243) and wife, Hannah, the 200 acres called Outrange in Queen Annes County, Maryland for 30 pounds. His wife's name was Avia Minta. [QA deed RTH:276]

The Randolph County, North Carolina, Tax List shows John with 250 unimproved acres, 5 horses and 14 cattle valued at 440 pounds. [RaC list S.S.837]

July 24, 1786:
John received a North Carolina State Grant of 250 acres on Tebs Creek in Randolph County. [Grigg,-]

February 13, 1788:
John bought 200 acres on Cedar Creek in Chatham County, NC for 160 pounds. [CC deed D:537]

May 23, 1788:
John sold the 250 acres on Tebs Creek for 160 pounds. [Grigg,-]

John lived in the Hillsborough District of Chatham County, North Carolina with his wife, 3 of his sons and 5 of his daughters. [census-NC]

February 7, 1792:
John's will left everything to his wife, Minta, and on her death his estate was to be divided equally among his surviving children. However, Mary's portion was to be reduced by the value of the items she had received at the time of her marriage. These items were: a feather bed, 2 sheets, 2 pillows, a blanket, a bed quilt, 2 pewter plates and a basin. [CC will RB1:40]

May 3, 1796:
Minta bought for 100 pounds another 100 acres on Cedar Creek. She sold this parcel to her son William, on Nov. 29, 1800. (However, since this parcel was in her estate when she died in 1813, it can be assumed that William sold it back to her when he moved to Ohio.) [CC deed H:228 & L:294]

Minta lived in Chatham County with her son Eli, daughter Susannah and an unknown boy and girl under 10. [census-NC]

Minta lived in Chatham County. All John's and her children had left home, but Minta had in her household 2 boys (one under 10 and the other 10-16) and a girl (10-16). [census-NC]

May 1813:
Minta had died without leaving a will. Her children petitioned the Court to divide the 300 acres on Cedar Creek in Chatham County. [CC probate]

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