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John Vanderford (1011)

Father: Charles Vanderford (223)
Mother: Susannah Peters

bc. 1757 in Salem, Essex County, Massachusetts [census-Ma]

d. before 1810

m. February 17, 1779 in Salem, Essex County, Massacusetts, Lydia Goodale [Salem 5:62], bc. 1756, d. April 27, 1820 of old age at the workhouse. [Salem VR/Salem A:57]

Issue: [census-Ma]

James Vanderford, b. 1780-1790

Charles Vanderford (2015), b. 1780-1790, d. November 13, 1845 [Salem VR]

Samuel G. Vanderford (2029), b. 1794, d. December 20, 1886 [Salem Dir]

boy, b. 1790-1800


In 1797 John was 40 years old, 5'6" and had a light complexion. [NA:R636,E445,Box73]


October 5, 1775:
John was a private in Capt. Thomas Barnes's Company, Col. John Mansfield's (19th) Regt. commanded by Lieut. Col. Israel Hutchinson which was camped at Winter Hill. [Mass Soldiers]

December 1776:
John received his pay while belonging to Capt. Barnes's Company. [Mass Soldiers]

February 22 to October 16, 1777:
John was a seaman on the brigantine Massachusetts, commanded by Capt. John Fisk. [Mass Soldiers]

June 16, 1780:
John and his brother Benjamin were mariners on the ship Harlequin which was captured by the British. [NEHGR 19]

December 24, 1780:
John was committed to Old Mill Prison at Plymouth, England. [Kaminkow,1967]

May 11, 1781:
John was pardoned and entered the British Royal Navy on June 5, 1781. [Kaminkow,1967]

John lived in Salem, Massachusetts with his wife and 2 boys.

John appeared on the Salem, Massachusetts Tax Records in Ward 4. [Salem,Tax]

December 13, 1797:
John was a seaman on the Schooner Catherine bound for St. Croix. [NA:R636,E445,Box73]

October 13, 1798 to May 24, 1799:
John and his son, James, were seamen on the Brigantine Salem and on his return from New Orleans paid $1.47 in taxes for a seaman hospital. [NA:R636,E454,Box91]

John lived in Salem, Massachusetts with his wife and 2 boys.

June 2 to August 20, 1802:
John was a seaman on the Schooner
Good Intent and paid a hospital tax of $.56 on his return from Aux Cayes. [NA:R636,E454,Box91]

May 19 to October 2, 1809:
John was a seaman on the Schooner Grayhound and paid a hospital tas of $.38 on his return. [NA:R636,E454,Box91]

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